My Package helps track your package

  • Finds your package location on the map
  • Sends recent tracking status notifications
  • Supports various ways to enter tracking number
  • Runs without providing your email or personal information
  • Get it from App Store
  • Get Pro from App Store

Pro is also available.
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Package location on the map

My Package will show your package location on the map. This will help you a lot to understand how far your package is.

Push Notification

My package supports push notification. You can get notification when package status is updated.

Send just a tracking number

We know forwarding emails to someone else is too scary for entering tracking number. Send just a tracking number to your device directly with our bookmarklet.

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Barcode Scanner

High volume shipping? No problem. My Package supports barcode scanner to enter tracking number.

Unlock restrictions?

My package has an option to remove ad or receiving unlimited push notification through in-app purchase. Or unlocking all existing and future limitations by going with Pro version!

How send tracking number works

Drag the next link ("Track this package") to your browser's bookmark bar to install the bookmarklet. Then check the slideshow on the left.

Bookmarklet Link

Drag and drop the link on the right to your browser's bookmark bar.
Highlight (select) tracking number on your web page.
Click the installed bookmarklet on the bookmark bar.
Popup window shows up. Enter your device code then click the "Next" button. You can find your device code on your My Package app Settings screen.
Fill the form and click "Send to the device" button
You got tracking number!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will push notification count limitation be reset?

Push count limitation for "My Package" app will be reset 1st day of the month.

What is device code?

Device code is a 4-10 length text to identify your device from the system. It can be found in the "Setings" screen. Since device code consists of numbers, capital and small letters, it might be hard to identify each character. In such case, tap push notification setting to see the device code bigger with different font.
Device Code Device Code Detail

Does push notification come real time?

Unfortunately No. Tracking information stored in each carrier's database is not updated in real time. Also our checking system requires up to 1 hour extra time. So there are a couple of hours delays will be expected to receive push notification for each event.

Sent several tracking numbers but received only one

That is push notification's limitation. If Apple's push system does not recognize your device online, push notification requests are stored on Apple's server and processed when Apple's system recognizes your device online. However, Apple's push system sent the last (latest) push notification even if it received multiple push requests.

If you want to send multiple tracking numbers, please make sure you it is delivered on the device one by one. (If you enable notification center, you can open received push notifications later.)

I can't receive push notification!!

If you are having a problem with receiving push notification, please check following things.

  • Please make sure you allow "My Package" or "My Pkg Pro" to use Push Notification in the iOS Settings app
  • Please Make sure you are online. iOS push system sometimes loses your device online status. In such case, push notification delivery is deferred until Apple's push system catch your device's online status. Trying to make "Airplane Mode" on then off (to reset network system) or restart your device will help in such case.
  • For "My Package" user WITHOUT "Unlimited Push" add-on, tracking status update push notification won't work unless you explicitly turn the push setting on. Please make sure tracking item is set push notification option. Push On
  • If you still have a problem, please reset My Package app's push notifications setting by turning off (and save that setting) then turning back on. Device will be re-registered and you will get new device code.

What's different between "My Package" and "My Package Pro"

My Package has several limitations. In version 3.0, My Package shows advertisement in some screens and limited to register 30 tracking items per calendar month for push notification. Each of limitation can be unlocked by buying in-app purchase item. "My Package Pro" does not have any limitations that "My Package" has.

Which is better unlocking "My Package" limitation or choosing "My Package Pro"

In-App purchase for "My Package" app is for whose satisfies with current basic features but want to remove just one of the limitations. Some of the upcoming features might be included as additional In-App purchase item for "My Package" but all of new features will be included in "My Package Pro" without an extra purchase.

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